2014 - present

restoration crewAsbestos test: coc lab #166261 [PDF 57KB] 0166261-PLM [PDF 26KB]
Summary of Point Pinos Lighthouse Paint Analyses Feb 2016.pdf
Drone Flight 20161005.zip
Averages 1st Fl & Bsmnt.pdf
Relative Humidy Comparison 1 Degree.pdf
1880 Map Overlay on Google Earth.pdf
U.S.L.H. Survey Monument - photo 1.pdf
U.S.L.H. Survey Monument - photo 2.pdf
U.S.L.H. Survey Monument - photo 3.pdf
U.S.L.H. Survey Monument - photo 4.pdf
Coast Guard Marker #2 (jpg)
Coast Guard Marker #2 (jpg)
Detail of basement damage (jpg)
A1 Lighthouse Cellar Bldg. Sect.pdf
A1 Lighthouse Cellar Plan.pdf

Restoration Crew 2017

Positioning of the front gate sign, 3/14/2017, 33MB ZIP file w/ 8 images by Nancy McDowell
Lowell Northrup welding the handrail on the stairs to the basement taken today 4-2-17
A1 Lighthouse Cellar Plan & Sect.pdf

City of Pacific Grove Point Pinos Lighthouse Restoration Plans

Dunes restoration report addendum, Nov 2, 2017

Paint Master v8